3D printers: building a home in less than 24 hours

The start-up Apis Cor in partnership with the Russian company PIK is able to build a 38 square meters house for about $10,000 in less than

apple s futuristic augmented reality

Apple's Vision Pro: a Glimpse Into the Future of Augmented Reality

Curious about Apple's Vision Pro? Get a glimpse into the future of augmented reality with its cutting-edge technology and potential impact on the market.

Athlon 200GE: AMD brings back its flagship processors

A new family of chips is coming to support the famous AMD processors. The designer revives from the ashes, in a way, the flagship range of

Check Out the Latest Tech News in the Cell Phone Market

Cell phones are a must. Not only are phones meant for calls and texts these days, but internet connectivity also changed the way how we

china s bcis vs neuralink

China's Brain-Computer Interface: A Race Against Neuralink

Join the race as China's pursuit of brain-computer interface technology puts it in competition with Neuralink, with implications that will shape the future of human interaction with technology.

pick up the right web host

Choosing A Web Host: 5 Key Criteria To Consider

When it comes to choosing a web hosting company for your online business website, there are many factors that you need to take into account.

rampant deepfakes flood social media

Deepfake Epidemic Sweeps Social Media Platforms

The rise of deepfakes has prompted organizations and governments to express their unease and take steps to combat the harmful impact, but is it enough?


Drones are bringing a whole new range of applications

A recent study done by Goldman Sachs has revealed that drones have the potential of revolutionizing a variety of industries. This ranges from the building

your staff is made of supermen

Effective ways to improve the performance of employees

You might ask: ‘But that of emotional factors come in the heart of the process of work?’ It’s been years that I explore themes of

eutelsat s global coverage hindered

Eutelsat's Global Coverage Plans Hampered by Ground Troubles

Eutelsat's global coverage plans have been hampered by a series of ground troubles, leading to lowered revenue forecasts and financial penalties.

amd cpu revolutionizes gaming

Game-Changing AMD CPU Delivers Stunning Gaming Performance

Feast your eyes on the future of gaming as the game-changing AMD CPU tantalizes with its stunning performance, leaving gamers hungry for more.

Important Tech Trends for the Millenials

A lot of young individuals are into technology. Technology helped change the way we live our lives. These days, a lot of young people can

cleaning tech you can buy right now

How to improve home cleaning with technology

Technology advancement has brought tremendous changes in home cleaning. It is difficult to list these revolutionary cleaning devices without mentioning a steam cleaner. Steam Cleaners

smart cars taking over the market

An introduction to smart cars

Smart cars are sporty, progressive and their mobility is in its purest form which helps reduce all types of waste, accelerate towards the future and

How to Keep Up with The Tech World

Technology is making things easier for a lot of individuals. On the other hand, there are also those individuals getting confused with all the developments

microsoft ai market domination

Microsoft's AI Revolution: Dominating the Market

Keen to know how Microsoft has become the dominant force in the AI market? Discover the secrets behind its revolutionary success.

revealing secrets of black holes

Mind-Blowing Discoveries Unveil Black Hole Secrets

Prepare to be astounded as recent breakthroughs in the study of black holes have revealed mind-blowing secrets that will leave you hungry for more.

Mobile applications are booming

Mobile applications market set to grow 30% in 2018

A study published by a famous specialist firm revealed that the mobile applications market will make a massive jump of 30% in 2018 and will

PayPal: a security breach allows pirates to steal money from your account

PayPal is the victim of a severe security breach. By exploiting this breach, hackers can take control of your account to make purchases without your

wireless brain chip revolution

Revolutionary Breakthrough: Elon Musk's Neuralink Unveils Wireless Brain Chip Implant

Discover the game-changing potential of Neuralink's wireless brain chip implant, and the challenges it faces in revolutionizing neuroscience and medical advancements.

samsung s new fitness tracker

Samsung Galaxy Fit 3: The Ultimate Fitness Tracker Revealed

The Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 is the ultimate fitness tracker with innovative sensors and tracking capabilities that will revolutionize how you monitor your health.

Samsung Galaxy Fold: big problems with the screen for the beta testers.

Is Samsung’s Galaxy Fold ready for commercialization? Many journalists face defective test copies. The folding screen of the borrowed devices began to show problems after

unbreakable powerhouse smartphone samsung galaxy s24 ultra

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Unbreakable Powerhouse

Just when you thought smartphones couldn't get any tougher, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra emerges as an unbreakable powerhouse – but that's just the beginning.

parents and their children while on the phone

Smartphones and their effects on parenting

More than 75 percent of the UK population are smartphone users as of 2015, and according to a study by the University of Derby, 13

astronomical artifacts remnants of space exploration

Space Treasures: Extraordinary Relics Left Beyond Earth

Curiosity awaits as we delve into the cosmic realm of space relics, uncovering captivating secrets left behind in the vast expanse.

spacex s negligence jeopardizes future

SpaceX's Negligence Nightmare Threatens Future Success

Witness the unraveling of SpaceX's future success as a negligence lawsuit exposes alarming safety concerns and a pattern of workplace injuries within the company.

competitive streaming services battle

Streaming Wars Heat Up: Explosive February Lineup

A tantalizing array of explosive entertainment offerings from major streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video is set to heat up the battle for streaming dominance in February.

activate turbo mode on yoru mac

Tips to boost a Mac computer

Apple computers are nice; they are pretty and very hype. Even they often lower specs than PCs. Yes, maybe, but what you can be sure

trump back in offense mode

Trump announces complaint against Facebook, Twitter, Google and their bosses

Donald Trump, banned from major social networks since the assault on the Capitol in January, accuses the bosses of Facebook, Twitter and Google of being

unveiling eccentric car shifters

Uncover the Most Bizarre Shifters in Cars

Uncover the most bizarre shifters in cars, including the perplexing Tesla's Terrible Touchscreen Shifter, that will leave you questioning traditional design choices.

mastering youtube s full potential

Unleash the Full Potential of YouTube: Expert Tips

Keen to take your YouTube experience to the next level? Discover expert tips to unlock hidden gems and optimize your viewing with browser extensions.

Bitcoin Ukraine

Why bitcoin is collapsing under Russian bombing in Ukraine

Bitcoin’s digital gold status, touted as a next gen safe haven, is taking a hit. The cryptocurrency’s price has plummeted since Russia’s military invasion of

apple Business Essentials

With Business Essentials, Apple starts offering services to businesses

Apple is getting into the business of offering services to “small” companies with no more than 500 employees. The Apple brand has just unveiled Apple

Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite test and review!

After the Xiaomi Mi 8 and Mi 8 Pro, the Chinese manufacturer is launching its Mi 8 Lite. As its name suggests, this model, released

a xiaomi smartphone

Xiaomi, the giant smartphone manufacturer on the rise

The latest Gartner report on the market shares of smartphone manufacturers worldwide during the first quarter reveals several very unusual phenomena, but above all shows

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