Drones are bringing a whole new range of applications


A recent study done by Goldman Sachs has revealed that drones have the potential of revolutionizing a variety of industries. This ranges from the building industry to journalism and many others.

An essential tool for many industries!

drones and their endless applicationsVideo drones will be an essential accessory for the success of any business. Of course, this is not just going to be limited to deliveries of such things as Google or Amazon products, or pizza and weed for that matter. Many more industries are going to benefit from the invention of these quadcopters.

The construction industry is one of the fields that are going to experience immense growth with the use of drones. It can come in handy in surveying and mapping. According to Goldman Sachs, these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) will allow surveyors to take accurate measurements as well as completing any assignment faster than when doing it manually.

A huge growing market

The sales for commercial purposes drones are estimated to go up to $20.6 billion. Out of this amount, $11.2 billion is bound to be contributed by the construction business.

foabfosabfoabboaaipapasddThe research goes on to say that, UAVs will be used in the survey of building sites, as they will hasten the process and give 3D renderings of the real estate.

Agriculture is another field that is expected to benefit a lot from these quadrocopters. They can be used in the farm to monitor the health of the crops and identify any potential problem in the farm.

Drones are also going to be used in cinematography. In fact, who is going to need a helicopter when you can just use a UAV to perform the work even better?

Another way in which drones may change the world in future is through delivery. Although this has not come to reality, due to lack of regulations, it could have a significant impact in many industries. Imagine ordering your pizza, and within a few minutes, a drone lands at your doorstep with your package.

It is clear from the above examples that UAVs have a high potential of changing how we do things in different industries and specialties. Watch this space as drones are going to come up with more benefits that are revolutionary.


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