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Cell phones are a must. Not only are phones meant for calls and texts these days, but internet connectivity also changed the way how we use cell phones. But what are the latest technologies that are now taking the world of mobile phones? Here are some things to watch out for.

Battery life

These days, people are using their phones not only for calls and texts but also for browsing and other things that relate to mobile apps. One common problem, especially with previous phones, is battery life. Nowadays, manufacturers such as Samsung are doing their best to come up with phones that can last for hours without charging despite heavy internet use.

Water resistant properties

One of the most common problems that you’ll encounter with your mobile phone is its sensitivity to water. Since a lot of people bring their phones to the bathroom, it isn’t surprising that phones end up getting damaged from water. If you will look at YouTube videos on how to solve this problem, it involves the use of silica gel and rice to remove the moisture. However, these days, Samsung was one of the first brands to make a water resistant phone. The downside, however, is that it heats the battery to the point that there is a tendency that it could explode.

Bigger screen

Since phones today are used as computers, manufacturers are using a wider screen for the newer mobile phones. In fact, you don’t commonly see a new phone these days to fit perfectly in someone’s palm.

Superior cameras

You may have heard of iPhone photography. Over the years, cameras attached to phones have changed the way we document our lives. Superior technology is now becoming part of many cameras. In fact, Leica has been partnering with Huawei. For the rest, we can all expect a higher resolution for the cameras and even superior built-in editing software within the phones.

As for the videos, we can expect mobile phones to start integrating 4K quality for their videos. It means that even small phones can take high-quality videos at par with a DSLR.

Bigger memory

Storage is also important. Nowadays, people are using multiple apps. People are taking many pictures, and people are no longer happy with an 8gig memory. A lot of times, people go for something that is bigger. Samsung and other Android phones allow expandable memory. It is a good thing especially if you take a lot of photos and videos using your phone.

Shock proof

Let’s admit that mobile phones today can be quite fragile. Dropping the phone can wreck it. However, there are new technologies that will help mobile phones survive accidental drops. It means that sturdier designs can quickly become trendy.

If you look at how phones evolved over the last five years, you’ll see just how different brand new ones are. More sophisticated software, storage, and overall performance are some of the things that you can expect to the modern day smartphones. However, there will also be some glitches along the way. Even big brands are still committing these mistakes.


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