3D printers: building a home in less than 24 hours


The start-up Apis Cor in partnership with the Russian company PIK is able to build a 38 square meters house for about $10,000 in less than 24 hours. This solution could solve housing problems in terms of cost and time.

Until recently, three-dimensional manufacturing from a printer was limited to small objects. It now extends to the construction of individual dwellings. A Russian company named Apis Cor 3D built a few days ago a 38 square meters house in less than 24 hours (Apis Cor does not specify if the whole house was made in a day or if it was only the walls and roof). The concrete dwelling built in the town of Stupino near Moscow could be used to find housing solutions at relatively moderate prices and could respond to several types of demand, particularly in times of natural disasters where building new houses is an emergency.

In a blog post, Apis Cor said: “For the first time in Russian building practices, a house has been entirely printed. One of the aims of this construction is to demonstrate the flexibility Equipment and the diversity of forms available “.

A $10,000 house

The house is equipped with a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom and a corridor. The Russian firm has also developed a partnership with Samsung for home appliances. For the entire structure (foundations, walls, floor and ceiling, windows and doors, wiring), the total cost is estimated at $10,134 or about $275 per square meter. Windows and doors account for the largest share of project expenditure ($ 3,548).

Inside a 3D printed house

Interior of the Russian printed house

Difficult conditions

The construction of this house was made using a machine that looks more like a small crane than a conventional 3D printer. This tool, which is relatively light and transportable, makes it possible to build the walls on site, unlike other three-dimensional house builders who prefer to build the elements before bringing them to the site. The machine was developed by Russian engineer Nikita Dmitrievich Chen-yun-tai, founder of Apis Cor. The manufacturer has announced an estimated lifespan of 175 years for this unusual housing.

In addition, the firm created its first house in Russia in very difficult climatic conditions. “The house was built in the coldest times of the year. Winter added complexity for the project makers.”In order to build this structure, the team set up a tent around the site to work in a warmer environment when printing of the walls.

Although the offer may seem attractive, the market for 3D printing in general and that for 3D printers in the 3D construction sector is still very new and marginal. This initiative could, therefore, encounter difficulties when it will be commercialized.


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