An introduction to smart cars


Smart cars are sporty, progressive and their mobility is in its purest form which helps reduce all types of waste, accelerate towards the future and indulge all the senses. Their performance has charge cut time, which is reduced in half, it’s shockingly smooth and whispers.
The smart electric drive has put some emphasis on its drive with some enhanced turning radius, top speed, and the acceleration. They also have a lithium-ion battery which has an 8-year warranty for both the greater range and the shorter charge times.


Smart cars are reinforced by the use of a high strength steel. A review done by the IIHS revealed that such smart cars as the smart fortwo which had the highest safety ratings. They had a high-tech front, side airbags and patented Tridion safety. Smart electric cars drive take has taken it a step further through the positioning of the battery at the car’s underbody which is the best possible place just in case of a collision. If there is some car which is ideal for electrification, it then should be the smart fortwo.


Smart cars are designed to be different. At the inside, smart media system helps to quickly display the vehicle’s energy flow and the charge level, whereas visually, the appearance of you smart car highly depends on you. There are over one thousand five hundred combinations of fabrics, color, and wheels which are inclusive of the new electric green.

Equipment’s and features

Smart cars have body panels, an exterior mirror cap, tradition safety cell and radiator trim in a crisp silver. In their interior, they are equipped with some leather seats, a dashboard, multi-function steering wheel and a door center panel. They also contain some heated seats for passengers and driver. The standard packages include a LED and sensor package, comfort package, a stowage package, sleek style package, cool and media package and tank around 35-litre tank.


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