Effective ways to improve the performance of employees


You might ask: ‘But that of emotional factors come in the heart of the process of work?’

It’s been years that I explore themes of motivation at work such as “give sense”, “emotions” or ‘identification’, for purposes such as:

Importance of motivation at work

stay highly motivated-Reduce significantly long-term and short-term absenteeism.

-Contribute sustainably to effectively support employees in their daily activity, so as to promote the steady improvement of performance and work satisfaction.

-Identify with precision the various personal potential and to implement effectively and wisely, which results in an increased optimisation staff costs.

The figures relating to absenteeism and chronic passivity of the employees at their place of work speak for themselves. Induced by these factors and the economy supported expenses each year to hundreds of millions of francs. Various factors influence the collaborators and their identification to their work and their employer. What here seems particularly important is the question of the meaning.

Is it making any sense?

What sense has the task that I do for me? Am I able to contribute actively to ensure that the goals of the company are actually achieved? Are my work and my performances valued at their fair value?

Of course, many are those who are finally to receive their salary at the end of the month! But they are also always more numerous those who feel the requirement of a sense. “If I have to spend more than a third of my life at my workplace, I want to ensure that it makes sense”. For example, the new generation, which is nicknamed “Y”, has a tendency to put things in question: she wants to be able to distinguish the meaning of a task, in order to grasp the interrelations and thus be able to act in a ‘socially responsible’ manner.

Of course, to continue to live in this society, we are all obliged to earn our living. But to resume a revolutionary slogan, we must not “spend our life earning it”! Anyway, the meaning that we give to our professional activity influence to a large extent our identification with the company, our attitude towards it and our availability to further commit ourselves to it.

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Be a visionary leader

The attractive visions of a shared future help collaborators to understand in which direction will the company and to become part of an understandable vision for each, at each hierarchical level. An example of a vision of the future: by launching Apple, Steve jobs had the clear vision of a future in 10 years there, in which all households would have a computer.

That is why we respect the fact that his vision of the world and its environment is determined by the perception that there. We leave so the idea that he has in itself the resources to solve.


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