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Apple computers are nice; they are pretty and very hype. Even they often lower specs than PCs. Yes, maybe, but what you can be sure of is that this is not a reason to do anything and never clean anything on it. So here are 11 tricks to help you improve optimize the performances of your mac.

Free up some space

We can never say enough. A hard drive, whatever it is, must always have some free space.

On Mac, it’s all the more true that Mac OS X needs at least 20% space on the boot disk to be able to write its virtual memory and its temporary files.

When the disc is shielded, Mac Os will pedal into the semolina and prevent you from doing your job. So it’s simple if you do not have much space, you just need to invest in a small external hard drive in USB or FireWire.

And if you do not have the means since you’ve already ruined yourself to buy your Mac, then do the housework. Storing 150,000 photographs of the baptism of the last one is not necessarily useful. At worst, you can still burn them, eh …

Manage start-up applications

Like what PCs and Macs have more in common than one believes … Some of the programs you install start loosely at machine startup and tend to slow it down. As a result, it is always better to do some housekeeping history to optimize a little the resources of his Mac. All you have to do is go to the system preferences, go to the accounts, select yours and click the “Opening” tab. Programs that are not useful to you, simply turn them by selecting them and clicking on the small “-” located just below.

Transfer services that are not used

By default, Mac OS launches full services at system startup. Some are useful, others a little less and it all ultimately depends on the utility you make of your machine. What is certain is that if you do not use Bluetooth, universal access or speech recognition, there is no point in letting them live their lives. So if you do not need them, turn them off to save a bit of resource.

Close unnecessary applications

Again, this is a trick to know, but when you click on the small cross of a window, this does not close the software. So, it continues to turn in the bottom of a task, puffing up all your precious little resources. When you want to leave a software, you no longer need it, so do a “CMD + Q.” This command takes only a few seconds and will save you a lot of trouble.

Do not install anything

And that also applies to a PC, eh … Often, users tend to install full of software to test them. Yes, except that they then forget to uninstall them. And that does not forgive because after a while the temporary files stored on your machine will end up making you bug. Also, when you no longer need software, always think of transferring it using a dedicated tool like the excellent AppCleaner (free).

upgrade your hardware to improve performances

Upgrade your system

Nobody is perfect. In any case, Microsoft is not, and Apple does not. Sometimes their software contains some bugs. Also, keeping your system up to date is essential. When your Mac offers you, very nicely, to update its O.S, do so. And the same goes for all your applications. You will gain both performance and stability and as it costs you nothing, so do not deprive yourself of it.

Taking care of your hard drive

We do not say it enough, but a hard drive is fragile. Then we arm him again and again until it will slow down until finally planting. And then, it’s almost too late because everyone does not necessarily have the tools to recover data. Morality, take care of your hard drive! Especially a dedicated utility comes with Leopard and just go to Applications / Utilities / Disk Utility to check the little beast, repair it or take care of disk permissions.


Use a static wallpapers

Again, it is not much but it is better to do it. By default, you can have your Mac display multiple wallpapers in succession. It’s super nice, very trendy but it also uses a few resources. So when you do not need to impress the gallery, both disable this story feature to save a bit of RAM.

Clean your Mac

You may not know this, but there are plenty of very nice free utilities for Mac. Among them, you can quote Maintenance, which allows you to get rid of, in a few clicks, all the caches of the system, to transfer the temporary files, to repair the permissions (yet) and to optimize a bit your bike. In other words, it is better to install it as quickly as possible. Visit this page to know more on this topicĀ


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